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The Lux Lash eyelash serum can also be applied when artificial eyelashes are worn.

In principle, the ingredients of the Lux Lash eyelash serum are responsible for prolonging the growth phase of the eyelashes. However, you must know that every human being has a different hair growth phase. This is the reason that the girlfriend can see faster successes. The final result is not affected, however, because every woman can have long eyelashes.

Of course, the eyelashes can also be dyed using Lux Lash eyelash serum. The effectiveness of the eyelash serum is not affected thereby.

The eyelash serum Lux Lash is applied after removing make-up in the evening. The usual care products can be used without problems after approximately two minutes of exposure time.

For chemotherapy, wait until the end of the treatment and then use eyelash serum.

The Lux Lash eyelash serum can be applied not only to spectacle wearers, but also to contact lens wearers.

In many cosmetic products, long-term applications make it clear that side effects occur. This is different with the Lux Lash eyelash serum. No side effects are known with the eyelash Serum. However, sensitive people must be a bit careful, because they can feel slight skin redness or even itching. If the allergic reactions occur, you should leave serum simply for a few days and then start from the beginning. For prolonged reactions, it is advisable to consult a doctor for clarification. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should completely dispense with the use of the Lux Lash eyelash serum.

Each bottle of eyelash serum contains 7ml. The contents can be used for up to one year.

How long the Lux Lash eyelash serum is applied depends on the wishes of the respective customer. The manufacturer recommends a permanent application in order to maintain the effect permanently. However, one starts with the application in the first six to eight weeks every evening. After this “cure application” the eyelash serum should continue to be used. Only then can the voluminous and long eyelashes permanently enchant. After daily use for eight weeks it is enough to use eyelash serum every two to three days.

After facial cleansing the eyelash serum should apply to the upper and lower eyelids. The existing applicator allows for a precise amount of serum because small amount of eyelash serum is sufficient to achieve an excellent result. The Lux Lash eyelash serum is applied like eyeliner. Simply insert the applicator, pull out and strip off easily. The quantity present is sufficient to spread both parts of the eyelid. Apply a steady hand while applying. With a little practice, the application lasts only a few seconds. If, in the first experiments, the serum contacted eyes, rinsing with warm water is sufficient.

Lux Lash – is a cosmetics company that has adapted to the needs of women. Meanwhile, the company offers three eyelash Serums, the Quick Eyelash Serum, the Supreme eyelash serum and the Sensitive eyelash serum. Through the variation of three eyelashes, each woman can really find suitable eyelash serum for her needs.

All Lux Lash eyelashes offered for purchase undergo numerous dermatological tests. On the basis of these tests, not only their mode of action but also their compatibility is tested. All three eyelash serums are characterized by their optimal compatibility, hardly any side effects and their highly active ingredients. Thus one can say that the Lux Lash eyelashes are very safe. However, pregnant women, breastfeeding women and minors should refrain from using the eyelash serums.

The Lux Lash eyelash and eyebrow serum contains only the purest and most effective ingredients to achieve optimum effectiveness. The Sensitive Lux Lash Serum captivates with its prostaglandin freedom. There is also no paraben. The Supreme Eye Lash eyelash serum scores with its double lash growth formula and is also Paraben free. The Quick Eye Lash eyelash serum has a highly active double concentration of active ingredients that stimulate eyelash growth. All ingredients are dermatologically tested and can be used free of charge.

The use of the Lux Lash eyelash curler and the use of henna are not mutually exclusive. The effect of the eyelashes is emphasized much more by the henna color.

The first visible results can be clearly seen after only 14 days. But after a few days, eyelashes and also eyebrows look much smoother and look healthier. But it is only after 14 days it becomes clear that the length of hairs has improved and the pigmentation becomes ever clearer. The complete effect can be seen after about six to eight weeks. However, a daily application is also necessary for an excellent effect. The eyelash serums are used as a kind of cure and should be used up to three months daily. In order to keep the result so clear and beautiful, after the three months, regular follow-up treatment should take place. The after-treatment is sufficient every two to three days.

The application of the Lux Lash eyelash serum is basically quite simple. Each eyelash serum is supplied with a special applicator. This may alternatively be a small, thin brush or a slightly wider brush. With this applicator is performed on the eyelash wreath. A quiet hand is important, but this will occur over time. It is helpful if an exercise with the eyeliner was performed before. Basically, the Lux Lash eyelash serum is applied exactly like eyeliner. Very close to the eyelash wreath. A simple stroke is sufficient. But first, the face and particularly the eye part must be thoroughly cleaned.

Each vial contains approximately 7ml of substance and can last up to one year.

If the eyelash serum is forgotten once, then that is no problem. Simply apply as usual the next evening. However, it must be noted that a frequent exposure to the application can lead to a weaker final result. In principle, no damage can occur if the serum is applied twice a day, but a faster or better result cannot be achieved. Basically, only serum is wasted, because more is not equal better.

When applying the Lux Lash eyelash serum, the effect of beautiful, long, healthy, dense and colored eyelashes will disappear with time. As a rule, it is recommended not to stop the application if the result is dreamlike eyelashes.

It can happen that when using the Lux Lash eyelash serum some people show reactions at the eyelids. This is no cause for concern and will disappear in most cases after a short time. If skin changes do not disappear, a dermatologist should be consulted.

At the very beginning of the application, it is quite often possible that a bit of the serum in the eye lands. That’s not bad. Just take lukewarm water and rinse out the eye. Then simply repeat the procedure.

The Lux Lash Eyelash serum is not available in drugstores but can be ordered on our website or on Amazon.

Customer-friendliness and privacy are extremely important to Lux Lash. The products are delivered in an inconspicuous package. There is also no possibility to get confidential customer data. Only the person can know about the use and the purchase because you tell it.

Our products are shipped worldwide. This makes it clear that we also deliver to foreign countries. However, it should then be ensured that the delivery time can, of course, be significantly extended. The parcels are only shipped with DHL or Hermes. However, a delivery to a DHL-Pack station is also possible. For German customers domiciled in Germany also cash on delivery offered, whereby of course a COD fee in addition to the purchase price is possible. In Germany, the shipping is offered for 6.10 €. To the European countries, shipping costs 6,90 €. All other countries can be requested. The order value of 100,00 € will be dispensed without additional shipping costs.

The differences are already in the selection of the ingredients. Lux Lash uses only very high-quality ingredients which are also processed in Germany. Especially German guidelines are very accurate in terms of quality and control and all products are manufactured according to these guidelines. In addition, dermatological tests are carried out on all products in order to test the unique efficacy and tolerability. In addition, customer satisfaction is a must. In addition to a detailed consultation, a fast delivery to the service belongs. The price performance can also be seen because with a monthly conversion the costs for a cure are under 10.00 €.